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Vie Hair Extensions



Level 4 root seamlessly blended into a dimensional brunette balayage with neutral undertones and bright pops of level 7 blonde.

VIE Hair Extensions are the most luxurious and innovative type of hand-tied wefts on the market. We use only the highest quality 100% human, cuticle intact hair, and the VIE weft is thicker than other extensions offering 120-140 grams per pack. Each color is a custom blend created by colorists including balayage, rooted, and dimensional colors. 


  • Each hand-tied weft is approximately 11.5” wide. 
  • 20” weft weighs 20 grams with 6 wefts per package.
  • 22” weft weighs 23.33 grams 6 wefts per package.
  • 26" weft weighs 25 grams with 4 wefts per package.


    Product Details

    • Because VIE Hair Extensions have more grams per weft than other brands, this creates  thicker lengths while still maintaining a thin seamless base for the most comfortable and  invisible wear.  

    • Each color has been customized so that they can be mixed and matched together for a  customized blend with the clients hair. 

    • VIE Hair Extensions can be colored to blend seamlessly with your clients natural hair.

    Shipping & Returns

    We accept returns when the extensions are in their original and unused form in their original packaging. For the safety of our staff, customers, and their clients, we do NOT accept hair that has been taken out of the package, has been previously installed, cut, colored or otherwise manipulated and will not be accepted as a return. 

    Unopened VIE extensions can be returned within thirty (30) days of when you receive your order. Upon receipt of your return, we will review and inspect that the hair is in its original condition and acceptable for return. Rejected items will be sent back to you via UPS. All refunds are processed the following Friday after the return review.  

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